Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bill's Adventure Continued.....

I know you've all been waiting for episode II. Sorry to keep you waiting. Bill's Excellent Adventure continues......

It didn't take Bill long to realize that he was a hot commodity with the ladies. I don't blame them. With rugged good looks like his, what girl could resist? Bill was constantly fighting them off. Here is one girl's attempt to win his heart....nice try senorita.

Here's a nice looking senorita, Bill. He didn't take long to make his move. One thing Bill looks for in a girl is if she rides nice wheels. Here he's checking out her hot ride. As you can tell by his smile he's diggin' it. Nice pick, Bill.

Wow, Bill. You sure move quickly. Bill started to aquire a taste for the latin ladies. Here is yet another senorita whom he got very friendly with. So, this was a ministry trip, Bill? Oh sure, you were 'ministering' to this lovely latin lady? OH Bill. You're a real player!

Okay, so here is a picture of William actually finding some time to help do some 'ministry stuff'. Nice cover, buddy. I'm sure you're just going to use those beans to help your real 'mission'.

Bill's excellent adventure was definitely excellent.

Anyone missing a Diet Cherry Coke?

It was just way too tempting....what possibly could go better with pizza than a Cherry Coke? Sorry Crystal. I just couldn't resist. I meant to give it back. Honest.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bill's Excellent Adventure

Bill's already experienced in his first year of life what few people experience in a lifetime. Bill's excellent adventure took him into the jungles of Peru. Tarapoto will never be the same.

This is where it all began......

more adventures to come......