Saturday, May 08, 2010

Honk Honk

This post is definitely an after thought. On our way home from PNG we
spent 2 days in Hong Kong, or 'Honk Honk' as Snax often refers to it
as. Those few days we spent there was a very good decision for two
reasons. First, it broke up the frightfully long trip thus helping us
keep our sanity, and secondly it gave us a chance as a family to regroup
and catch our breath after a crazy few weeks of packing up and good byes.

Bill's favorite thing about Hong Kong was the subway we rode on. Snax
Beef agrees, but also loved riding the escalators. Cheap thrills! They
failed to mention the cable car experience and visiting 'Noah's Ark' -
both things we actually paid money for. :)

did this just happen?!

Coming home makes me feel like I've been transported to a completely
different world. I've finally downloaded pictures from our last few
days in PNG and it already feels like so long ago. Did we really live
there for the last two years?! Did that just happen?

The pictures are of our last visit to Sarang and meal special together
and saying good bye to our beloved staff at the airport. I sure miss
those guys.