Sunday, July 02, 2006

Star Struck

Much to Bill's delight there was free face painting at the church picnic today. And big surprise, he wanted a star drawn on his cheek. All the other kids wanted butterflies and tigers, but not Bill. Nope, he wanted a star. You should've seen the way he strutted around with his star. Bill, if you've got it, flaunt it, but maybe be a little more modest next time. We all know you're great and cool already, so cut it out with all this star stuff, all right?

The pic below is Madi putting Bill back in his place. Way to go Madi. You did what we all wished we had the guts to do. Bill didn't take it too well, but someone needed to say something.

Diet Update #3

Bill is approaching the one year mark on his diet. He wanted me to post another update for everyone. As you all know he's definitely had his ups and downs throughout the year, but in the last few weeks he's made some progress. He's decided to take the focus off what the scale says and just focus on eating right and feeling healthy. He's been under stress lately as he's anticipating the arrival of his new bro or sis and I think we all know it's difficult to eat right under stress. I'm pleased to report that Bill is holding his own very well under this difficult circumstance. Those evening cravings when it'd be easy to down a couple of teddy grahams or freezies, he chooses to obstain and opts for a glass of milk or some strawberries. "Baby steps, it's all about the baby steps," he tells me. Bill wanted me to send a special thanks out to his Aunt Crystal for always being such an encouragement through it all. If it wasn't for her he doesn't know where he'd be.

Here are a couple of parting shots of Bill...eating right. We're proud of you, buddy.