Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sailor 'J'

Rainy day fun is all I can call it. Jester spotted the ol' sailor suit in Bill's closet. He begged me if he could try it on. Drew's first sailor suit. My, it's a dandy. Must be the equivalent to a girl trying on her mom's wedding dress or something....pretty special moment. I was a little concerned about Jester's self-esteem.....I mean, he's not exactly the trimmest guy around and what if I couldn't zip it up? "Aw, what the heck," I thought, "it's worth a shot. It's got a little stretch in it." So I helped Jester slip into it....well, actually I wouldn't exactly say he 'slipped' into it....more like squeezed and poured into it. But, we got it zipped up. Well, actually we only got it zipped up about half way. "Perfect fit!" I exclaimed, hoping he wouldn't notice. Jester insisted I get the camera and take a few pics. Bill totally egged him on...."Sexy, sexy, sexy!" he kept chanting. Jester totally ate it up. He tried doing a few model moves, but that darn suit was too tight. Here he is. Actually, he does look kinda sexy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right Drew?

p.s. Dad, we're waiting for those sailor hats.....hurry up before Sailor J outgrows his suit.
FYI - check out Bill's sailor suit photo shoot in our blog on 2005!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Palace

So mom and dad are off in St. Pete's....rubbing it in our faces with their online photo album. Thanks, guys. Sheesh. Bill and Jester are a little POed to put it lightly. So I decided instead of wallowing in self pity (which Bill, Jester, and myself do on a daily basis) I'd post a few of our own pictures. For your info, we also were at the summer palace....okay, so there weren't any 300 year old "natural" fountains, but there was a kick @$$ bonfire and some really cool deer poop. we even had a little picnic of our own. here it is in all it's your heart out 'Peterhof".

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

False Paska Modesty

I know easter has come and gone, but something really struck me about the easter season and I just can't shake it. It all started when Mama V stopped in to drop off some paska buns. 'Wow!' I said, "pretty ambitious, making paska buns, hey?". "Yeah," she said non-chalantly, " They didn't really turn out, just throw them out if you don't like them." As soon as she left I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy a paska bun slathered in icing and sprinkles. "mmmmm," I thought to myself, " these paska buns are pretty rockin'. She made it sound like they'd taste as good as a bowling ball." Mama V, just admit it, you make some pretty mean paska.

That's not where my story ends. I was at my mom's one thursday afternoon before the big easter weekend. She had 'just whipped up' some paska buns, as she put it. "Wow, mom!" I said, "paska buns, hey? That's pretty ambitious." "Yeah," she shrugged, "they're not that great. They didn't really turn out." They looked just dandy to me. I was up for a taste test. So I got the paska bun ready for consumption. I spread some icing on it and sprinkled some sprinkles on top. One bite and I was in paska heaven. "Mom, these are awesome!" I said. "Really?" my mom said like she was in some serious denial. Mom, just admit it, your paska buns rock.

Sorry folks, that's not where this story ends. I was at Elf Hamm's house the week before Easter and low and behold, she served some paska bread. Everyone was oooing and aaahing over this paska bread and going for seconds (and thirds). "Elf! This paska bread is soooo good," I said. "Really?" she asked, " I thought it turned out a little on the heavy side." Oh please. Elf, seriously...this was some seriously rockin' paska. But then, I found myself telling someone about the time I had made paska. "oh, I had made some paska buns last year, but they didn't turn out that great. They were a little on the heavy side."

I'm hoping I've shed a little light on this terrible thing I like to call 'false paska modesty'. We women need to be able to say that our paska is good.....that it is enjoyable. The paska I made last year was good, all right? Dang good. Yeah, It pretty much rocked. There, I said it. And you can too.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Writer's Block

I've been struggling lately..... I've been neglecting my blog....i'm losing sleep over it.....okay, I'll admit it. I've got writer's block. I'm feeling a little pressure to put out a good post. I'm feeling pressure to be funny, witty, creative. I've discovered I've got quite a blog following out there. My mom will tell me, 'so and so LOVES reading your blog. they think you're so funny'. It's getting to me, okay? I've told myself, 'just don't try, then you'll be funny.' People are only funny if they don't know they're funny....

So I decided to talk to Bill about it. He always has some good words of advice and encouragement and besides, he's a pretty funny guy himself. This is what Bill told me, "well, a wise person once told me, 'always keep them wanting more'. Blog only when you're feeling the groove...When you can bring da funk. Quality, not quantity, capeesh? oh yeah, and just be yourself. It's who you do best."

Oh Bill, you always know what to say...wise beyond his years, isn't he?