Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Prep

Jolly Jester was super pumped when our Christmas tree arrived. He's all about the real tree idea. He's right - it's worth the shedding needles and the chore of watering it everyday. It's really a small price to pay to have a real live tree in your livingroom.

Bill and Jester are all about Christmas baking. Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' in that old fashioned way like a decorated sugar cookie. If you are priviledged enough to eat one of our custom decorated cookies I can't guarantee that there won't be some saliva on it.

There was some discussion going on at the table as to what is the right amount of sprinkles to put on the cookie. Bill was adament about it. You can't be stingy on the sprinkles. Jester on the other hand says it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Bill then accused Jester of just saying that because he personally wanted to consume any sprinkles that we didn't use for decorating. Ya know, I think Bill was right. Jester did consume a large amount of sprinkles.

We all know that snow removal is a big part of the Christmas season. Bill loves getting out there to shovel the driveway. Bill has this amazing quality to be enthusiastic and optimistic pretty much all the time. This really helps him out in the snow removal department. I know most people have a 'bahumbug' attitude towards shovelling.....But not Bill. All I can say is treasures in Heaven for Bill, treasures in Heaven.

As for Jester.....Well, hopefully he'll get treasure in Heaven for watching Bill shovel.