Thursday, August 27, 2009


There has been a very, very long pause between this post and the last.  I hope you are still all out there.  You may not be aware that dial-up internet still exists.  Well, it does and that’s my excuse for not updating.  We’re back in the ‘90s as far as computer technology so bear with me.  Another fact that you may not be aware of is that we are now living in Madang, PNG.  We are putting out a newsletter shortly which explains the move, so I won’t elaborate now. 


Here’s a Madang listy thingy:


1. I start to sweat just by hanging laundry at 8am in the morning.  Sweating is inevitable and you just have to accept it.

2. Living beside the ocean is fun.  If I’m having a bad day, I just look at the ocean and it ain’t so bad anymore.

3. A/C takes on a whole new meaning.

4. Madang is known for it’s flying foxes (bats) and for the Kalibobo Light house which is a WWII memorial.

5. Eating out is always a treat.  Always, always, always.

6. White girls can jump….kinda.  I joined a town basketball league.  It’s rough, tough, and fun.

7. I can now drive on the ‘other side’ in a city.  Scary, eh?

8. Don’t sit under a coconut tree.  It’s very dangerous.

9. Seemingly random people know my name.  It’s kinda weird, but it’s okay at the same time.

10. Madang feels like home already.  We like it, sweat and all.