Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Crystal tasol (Crystal, that's all)

Here's why I love her......

1) She's the best DQ partner ever.

2) She's the only one who would ever make me a huge, embarrassing sign for
me for our homecoming at the airport. I'm already anticipating it.

3) We both now love Coke Zero and didn't even know it. This is what we'll
do when I get home: chick flick, coke zero with lemon, popcorn twists.

4) She always tells it to me straight.

5) Have you ever tasted her cooking? Nuff said.

6) She is very administrative and I am not. We balance each other out

7) She gets my jokes and I get hers.

8) Best menno accent ever. I mean, ah-ver.

9) We shop very well together. Very well. Wee-oo, wee-oo.

10) Bum slapping.