Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2 Roomies - 1 Roomie = 1 Roomie

I'm down to one roomie. Jester has been our room mate for past 399 days. Yesterday he moved down the hall to greener pastures. Jester was a good room mate for the most part. It started off okay, but once you live with someone for a while you get kind of annoyed with their habits. Sometimes he would call out in his sleep or just start talking to himself. Scared me every time. He is also a habitual night snacker. Seriously, he'd be up at 1 am wanting to order pizza. Me & Drew didn't appreciate this. Who needs a meal in the middle of the night? We didn't say this to him, but we're a little concerned about his waistline. Everyone keeps telling me that he'll thin out, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Bill struggled with his weight too, but not quite like this. Pizza doesn't help the situation. Another problem was that Jester is somewhat of a light sleeper. If Drew or I would go to bed after him we had to be as quiet as a mouse. If we'd wake him up we'd hear about it the next morning. Sheesh.

So Drew and I talked to Bill. We asked him if he wanted to room with Jester for a while. Well, if you don't want to room with him, why would I want to? Bill asked. Good point Bill. Good point. So Bill and Drew got to work in the basement. Bill would have a room of his own in a few weeks. Bill worked harder than anyone. He drilled, hammered, and even tried his hand at painting. He definitely put in his fair share of sweat equity.

On the day of the big move there was excitement in the air. Bill was up early and was waiting for me to rise and shine so we could get on with the move. He handed me my coffee. Get going, mom! Said Bill, We've got a busy day ahead of us. Jester, on the other hand, was a little reserved and withdrawn that day. He takes change hard, while Bill welcomes it.

The move went smoothly. We had a little trouble putting Bill's bed back together, but we finally got it. That night I went downstairs to say good night to Bill. He was already all tucked in with a huge smile on his face. Sure is satisfying putting your own roof over your head, he said to me, I just love the smell of new carpet and fresh paint. Then I went upstairs to say good night to Jester. This isn't going to go as well, I thought. Jester was also lying in his bed. Good night, I said, I Hope you enjoy your 1st sleep in your new room. He gave me a weak smile. I will, he said, but change is never easy for me.

Change is good, I thought to myself as I walked out of his room. Drew and I were excited to embrace this change. I closed Jester's door and went into our now very spacious bedroom. I turned every light on, rummaged loudly through my dresser to find my pj's, and even sneezed outloud just because I could. Drew came running in and did a canon ball on the bed. HEY! he said loudly, HOWZ IT GOING? Then he jumped up and down on the bed and tried to convince me to join him so he could try and double bounce me. I know we're excited to get rid of our roomie, but really Drew, let's try and show a little sympathy to Jester, I said trying to hid my smile. But I couldn't help myself. I jumped on the bed and tried to double bounce Drew before he could get me. YIPPEE!

That night we all had the best sleep we'd had in long time. Jester was a new person in the morning. He was surprised to discover that he enjoyed his own space. Bill slept in longer than ever before since the basement was dark and quiet and wonderful, as he put it. He quite enjoyed that. In the end we're all better off because of the big move.