Thursday, November 22, 2007

La Target Boutique

Me and my G.F.'s headed south over the border to G.F. Our first stop was Target. We were all hungry for lunch but sometimes you must sacrifice to shop. Even my 8 month pregnant sis was willing to sacrifice eating lunch and head straight into Target and that says something. It speaks of a deep commitment. Target, we pledge our allegiance to you.

If only me and my G.F.'s could stay overnight in G.F. That way we could devote an entire day to strolling through Target's isles. But no, we only had 12 hours. And Target could only take a portion of the time. It felt so unfair. I almost felt like I owed Target an apology.

So we stormed through Target's doors. We collaborated. What was our strategy going to be? It had to be precise and efficient. Then we got sidetracked by the $1.00 display. Crystal found some gift bags (and took several minutes deciding which color to buy), Heather found some cool wooden toys for the twins, Tiffany looked just plain ol' overwhelmed, and me? I headed straight to the gift wrap. You can't go wrong with a roll of gift wrap for $1.00.

I can hardly even remember what happened after that. Once in a while I would randomly bump into one of my G.F.'s while wandering through Target. "Oh hey!" we'd say to each other, "Check this out!" or "What do you think about this?" or "Should I get this?" or "You should REALLY get that." We tried to forget about the duty we would have to pay at the border. We tried REALLY hard to forget about that. And we did.

In total we spent a glorious 3 hours in Target. I felt a little rushed. I didn't get to experience everything Target has to offer. But hey, 3 hours is better than no hours.

Here's a big shout out to my G.F.'s who made my Target experience in G.F. so much fun. YOU ROCK G.F.'s !!!