Saturday, September 23, 2006

Danya? Dick Dick?

I'm worried about Bill. He's been having some withdrawl symptoms ever since Dick and Danya left. The other night he just kept saying, 'airplane, danya?'. Yes Bill, it's true. Dick and Danya went on an airplane and are gone out of our lives. Last night I showed him a picture of Dick and Danya and he just kept saying in a very high, quiet voice (and I'm not kidding), 'Dick Dick? Danya?'. It was like he was holding back his tears. Bill is having a lot of trouble sleeping. He cries himself to sleep every night since they left. Oh Bill, I know it's hard, but we just gotta pull ourselves together and keep going. Life doesn't stop for us when we're sad. We just gotta keep going. Be strong, Bill, be strong....if not for yourself, then for me.

Danya, seriously, maybe you could call Bill and encourage him a little sometime?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Billy Idol

" No pictures, please." Billy wasn't quick enough to get away from the paparazzi this time. Billy is known to shy away from cameras and tries to live a very private life. He drives an unsuspecting Accord which usually throws off those pesky paparazzi. Rumor has it he was leaving for a pleasure trip to St. Pete's in Russia.

Monday, September 11, 2006

To my faithful readers......

This is a sincere apology for not posting for so long. This is the culprit who has prevented me from posting.

I'd like to introduce 'the Jester' - the newest member of our clan. Notice the stylish fall sweater he's wearing courtesy of his auntie Danya. Looking sharp Jester, looking sharp. Not sure if the horizontal stripes do much for ya, though. sorry.