Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bill's Birthday Suit

When Bill saw this picture he realized that he really needed to start cutting back and toning up. He's been on a low-carb diet, although his weakness is a great slice of fresh bread with butter.

His workout routine consists strength training (pushing around the coffee table) and cardio (climbing stairs) . He insists on keeping his workouts fun. He's secretly hoping his Aunt Crystal will borrow him her Pilates video, or at least invite him over to workout together.

Bill will often engage in a game of tag. This is not only fun, but is a great workout as well! Good luck, Bill. Keep fit and have fun.


DavenHeather said...

you are awesome. i love it! brilliant!

Chris & Crystal said...

So I got this new pilates mat and I thought Bill might want to check it out. It's pink but I think it will be okay so....come in your new "rim rocka" track suit and let's do pilates!