Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Card Disaster

This year I wanted to be like everybody else and hand out a family picture with a Christmas greeting on it. I guess you could say we'd get a nice picture of Bill and Jester the day Santa comes down our chimney.....which is never because we don't have a chimney. Bill knew I was uptight about it and wanted to help out. He came up with a few suggestions. Here are the pictures he thought would be suitable for a nice Christmas greeting:

Wow Bill, those are great suggestions. As you can probably guess The Jester was not top pleased with the selections Bill made. Yeah Bill, maybe YOU look great on those shots, but you can't always think of yourself. The Jester ain't looking too hot on those.

So The Jester took matters into his own hands and made a few suggestions of his own:

Sheesh. One of his choices doesn't even include Bill. I can see where this is going. I called a family meeting. The Christmas card idea was becoming a disaster...and quickly. Christmas cards are supposed to bring warm, fuzzy feelings. Not anger and selfishness. Drew made an excellent suggestion. Why not compromise? Let's pick a picture that is unbias to both Bill and Jester. Here is Drew's suggestion:
Both parties involved are looking at the camera....Bill has a funny and almost wierd face and Jesse is slumped over and not smiling. See? A compromise! I agreed, it was a good idea. Unfortunately Bill and Jester didn't go for it. Bill was too embarrassed of his wierd face and Jester just couldn't give out a picture in which he wasn't smiling. So sorry folks, you won't be getting a warm, fuzzy Christmas greeting from us this year. But you can't say we didn't try.


Chris & Crystal Loewen said...

Bill, haven't we been through this before? Do you remember the whole 'Billy Idol' fiasco? C'mon, let's get over ourselves. And Jester, the 'fuzzy' vibes are definitely not radiating off of you, sorry to say. I think you need a little 'mirror time' to work on those facial expressions.

Maki said...

Your kids are so cute, Lisa!
I hope you and your family are doing well.
Don't get a cold.
Take care!