Saturday, February 10, 2007

Costa Rica according to Jester

According to me, Costa Rica is Heaven on Earth. The culture, the people, the sights, the sweet hot weather. Life couldn't be better. The women absolutely adored me. Seriously, they couldn't get enough of me. I didn't even do anything. I would just smile and they would go crazy. It was awesome. I was the most loved man in Costa Rica. I would go back in a second.

Another reason I liked the trip so much is that I got a sweet tan. I've been wearing short sleeved shirts - white ones - to show it off. Another perk was that my mom was constantly worried that I was dehydrated and kept wanting to feed me. I didn't argue with her. Sweet, I thought. I tried to look thirsty and it worked most of the time. I think I gained a few pounds. The pounds I gained I think my brother Bill lost.....more on that later.

Here is me on the beach working on my sweet tan:
My mom had a pretty good time too, but she kept talking about some 'auntie danya'....auntie danya would like this and auntie danya would like that and how much she missed auntie danya. Who the heck is auntie danya? Whoever she is she must be somebody really special. Sheesh. Speaking of special people here is a pic of me with my kindred spirit, Colin. We totally hit it off. We didn't talk much, but he would often give me a knowing smile. I miss not seeing him every day, but I guess there's always church.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time, unlike my brother Bill. I don't know what his problem was. He didn't like the heat, he didn't like the food, he didn't like the bugs, he even didn't like how friendly people were to him. I told him to take a chill pill....stick it out for 2 weeks and if need be, to just pretend he's having fun. I think he was just jealous that the women liked me so much and not him, but I didn't rub it in. His attitude just really stunk. I mean, I can't help it that they named a soft drink after me, right? Costa Rica just agreed with me. I've even adopted the Costa Rican saying, "Pura Vida!". For those of you who don't know spanish it means the pure life. I was living the pure life for 2 short weeks. My 2 weeks of fame are over...they are but a distant memory now. Whenever Bill gets a little fresh with me I just go to my happy place. I go to Costa Rica - at least in my mind I do. Bill just doesn't even understand. He never will. He really missed out, but in a way I'm glad. Costa Rica is mine to treasure forever.

Just so there are no hard feelings (because Bill might read this), here is a pic of me and Bill hanging out in Costa Rica. It wasn't all bad, was it Bill?:


Jody & Denyse said...

That last picture looks like it says it all. Too cute!

A cry for freedom rings in the said...

Wow, Jester, take it easy on Bill. Getting used to a new culture isn't easy. I know.

Chris & Crystal said...

Sorry about that last comment. Chris was logged in under the StreetCry blog. It was me. Oops.

Lisa & Drew said...

Jester, Jester, remember what Nana always tells you. Those Winkler girls are going to be crazy for you. And Bill, well you know you don't need to impress. Just be your "cute,shy" self. Love you both a ton!

Nana (ml)