Monday, July 09, 2007

Jester's 1st Annual - Declared a Success!

Bill is relieved July 8th has come and gone. Jester was really getting under his skin with all his perfect party agenda. As for me? I kinda have the 'day after Christmas' feeling. The week leading up to the big 1st annual was full of preparation and anticipation. Jester settled down a little after I had a heart to heart with him. "Let's focus on what's important, okay Jes?" I told him. He didn't say anything, but I knew he understood me. He knew I was right and he had been taking things a little too far. I decided to put my foot down a little with him and make some decisions for him. "I've decided to make a teddy bear cake because you remind me of a teddy bear." I said to Jester with confidence. "Aw, come on! I don't exactly consider that a compliment." said Jester. I gave him a look that made him zip it.

The day of the party arrived. Jester didn't sleep very well that night. He was too excited. The guests started to arrive. All of his closest buddies were there. I could see him starting to relax and enjoy himself. I was so glad, because after all, this was a celebration of his life. The fun began.......

Papa gave some wicked airplane rides. I've never seen someone be an airplane and a lazyboy at the same time. That takes talent, folks. I think I even saw him give Nana an airplane ride.

Here's Jester getting cozy with one of his party guests. "Why is Jester sitting on Ari's lap?" Bill whispered to me. I shrugged my shoulders, "Not sure, Bill. Just let him be. It's his birthday and if he wants to sit on Ari I suppose he can."

Here's Jester stuffin' his face with some good eats. I made his favorites.......who can resist perfectly steamed green beans slathered in butter? I sure can't.

And here is the teddy bear cake inspired by Jester himself. Bill and Papa thought Jester would appreciate a teddy bear with a brightly burning candle right where it counts. My teddy bear went from cute to questionable. They were giggling like a bunch of school girls. "Okay you guys.....seriously...STOP IT! We're not embarrassing Jester on his 1st annual." I said above the giggles.

Here's the birthday boy enjoying his cute teddy bear cake. I think he secretly enjoys resembling a teddy bear. I mean, you can't ever get upset at a teddy bear....and every one's instinct is to hug teddy bears. It's a sweet life.

The party was a success. Someone even commented to me that they could tell Jester is special to us. "He is," I said with a grin. And what's important is that he knows he's special....our little teddy bear is now 1.


The Stiffs said...

Hey Teddy Bear! We missed your bash, but there will be more partying to come. Enjoy your 2nd year! We love you.

Crystal said...

Well Jester, I'm glad you had a good one. Hope that sugar hangover for all that bear wasn't too bad. And Bill, way to cowboy up and be a mature older brother.