Monday, March 03, 2008

Brotherly Love

Bill has the flu. There's been stuff flying out of both ends. I'm praying for a plug.

Along with the flu we've been hit with an infestation of brotherly love. Yesterday Bill woke up from his nap before Jester. Jester was sleeping peacefully when Bill took it upon himself to wake him up. I had a stern lecture with Bill. "Bill, you have to let Jester sleep until he's ready to wake up. Why did you wake him up?" Bill said, "because I love him." What do you say to that? Bill just couldn't wait for Jester to wake up. He had to be with him that very moment.

Jester had his revenge. Bill hit the hay quite early last night. Drew and I were hanging out upstairs when Jester disappeared into the basement. Drew went to see what Jester was up to and well, he had climbed up onto Bill's bed and was laying right on top of Bill hugging and kissing him. Bill was a little annoyed and said, "Jester, can't you see I'm trying to sleep? Sheesh."

Brotherly love is a beautiful thing.....even if you lose a little sleep over it.


Crystal said...

Those crazy guys.

The Stiffs said...

Those two are good for a giggle.