Sunday, June 15, 2008

All things Andrew.

Today is a fitting day to brag about my husband. "Blaze your own trail" is the motto he lives by. That's actually the reason I was attracted to him when I first got to know him. He's never afraid to take a risk. He doesn't care what anyone thinks. Nothing will stop him. He's not someone who lets life slip by without living out his dreams. That's what I want to be like.

"Blaze your own trail" is something I hope my boys will live by as well....something they will learn from their father. Chances are good that they will with a father like Andrew. Our boys will be world changers, not world watchers. The example Andrew lives out is the best gift he could give our boys.

Words that describe Andrew.......determined, leader, strong, manly (that's what his name means!) integral, loyal, generous, passionate, honest, courageous. I dearly love all these things about him.

Happy Father's Day, Andrew! We love you just the way you are. I wouldn't want to be on this journey with anyone else.....and you make my journey that much more exciting!

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DavenHeather said...

loved this one. as should he. you both are blessed. and anyone with that motto has got to be a winner.