Thursday, January 15, 2009

my day off.

My day off means two things.....I got off the centre - WOO HOO! And I had a day off from the regular routine - WOO HOO!!! On Tuesday we travelled to Goroka with Arlene, Nato, and Ryan & Crystal. Goroka is a big town about a 2 hour drive from Uka. We definitely pray for safety when we travel because rascals are unfortunately a part of life here. We had no glitches...only came close to hitting a few pigs and one goat....oh yeah - and a car veered into our side of the road, but missed us by a hair. Thank the Lord for his protection!

The scenery on the way to Goroka is absolutely breathtaking and we were fortunate enough to have a clear day so we could see the mountains. Goroka is known for it's coffee, bilums, and woven baskets...and you better believe I bought some coffee to send home to my coffee lovin' friends. That was practically the reason for the trip!

This is 'Blue Mountain Coffee' - we actually watched them package the coffee I'm sending home for everyone! It doesn't get much fresher than this. The smell in the place was intoxicatingly wonderful. I wish I could put in a bottle and wear it as a perfume.
Here are Ryan & Crystal - having a hoot in the back of the Land Cruiser. No Ryan, we're not there yet.
This was probaby my favorite part of the day - eating out! We rarely get the chance to eat out so I enjoyed every bite! And sharing a milkshake with my honey just topped it off.

Here's the group! Cheers to great day!

Oh yeah - and I'm still eating my words....I'm sharing this to keep me humble.
1. I said my kids could NEVER drink pop until they were 18 years old. Being in a developing country changes that.....they're averaging about one a week. Gotta keep hydrated, ya know?
2. I've never been a big vitamin/supplement person....I thought I'd never get into it. Just eat your veggies! But now I've got about 3 different vitamins/supplements I take with my's practically like a breakfast in itself!

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Jenelle Suderman said...

you look so great Lisa!!! love your "i would nevers"