Saturday, February 07, 2009

get to know me...

This is the Lisa edition of getting to know me. I think Crystal will be tickled...

1. What's your favorite dish your mom makes? well, it's more of a tag team with mom and dad....their famous steak dinner with usual; G.B., caesar salad, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce. okay, i'll stop.

2. If you could be anywhere else in the world right now where would it be? I'd be heading off to Winkler, MB.

3. Who's your favorite character on LOST? Siyid, hands down.

4. What is the oldest item of clothing you own and still wear? I still wear my U2 Popmart Tour t-shirt. I got it in summer of 1997. (and FYI I sat beside Mr. Deschauer at the concert..i know...crazy.)

5. Are you an introvert or and extrovert? I'm and introvert with a dash of extrovert.

6. What's your biggest pet peeve? Stinky dishcloths and towels. Ew. Bleach, people! Bleach.

7. If you could be someone else for a day who would it be and why? I'd want to be Andrew so I could know what really goes on in a man's mind and I could find out how to love him better.

8. Write down the first fond memory that comes to your mind. Our dinner party at C&C's with the gourmet burgers, homemade icecream, and a whole lot of laughs. sniff.

9. Do you like tupperware? I'm afraid to now.

10. If you could have any superpower what would it be? I'd like to be invisible. It'd come in handy.

11. Which countries have you all visited? (not including layovers where you were just in the airport) Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Japan, England, Kenya, Australia, Papua New Guinea.

12. Which country would you like to visit next? Vanuatu

13. Favorite icecream flavor? Rolo...but it has to be eaten at Clear Lake.

14. Are you a rebel or do you follow the rules? weellllll.....I have been tagged the black sheep in the family.

15. What's your favorite chore? I like hanging up clothes on the clothes line.

16. What do you like about yourself? I like it that I like to have meaningful friendships.

17. What would you change about yourself? fear of man is no fun.

18. What inspires you? Being around godly people.

19. What's your favorite fruit and your favorite veggie? Grapes (I miss them!) and Broccoli.

20. Last place you ate out? the Teen Centre! Yay!

21. Are you an early bird or a night owl? an early bird, but not by choice.

22. If you were on a deserted island and could take one person with you (not including your spouse) and one thing with you what would it be?
I'd have to say I'd bring Ruby, Gideon, and Ethan (I know that's 3 but I need to get to know them...and I can break the rules because I'm the author of this thing) and I'd bring along my collection of Robert Munsch to read to them.

23. What's your favorite smell? Arlene. (Crystal Loewen must state her 2nd favorite smell because I already know her favorite smell is Chris' temples)

24. What's your least favorite smell? Stinky dishcloths. We covered this already.

25. Are you a door slammer? Yes. (blush)

26. Do you tell people when their fly is open? Depends on who it is. My rule of thumb: if it's a man that you don't know very well...keep your mouth shut. Anyone else - yes.

27. Share something quarky about yourself. Not under any circumstance will I touch the hand railing on an escalator. (I watched a 20/20 investigation report...thanks a lot John Stossel.)

28. Worst movie you've ever seen? Happy Gilmore.

29. Do you like the person who wrote this? I hope you do...

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Crystal said...

For the record, you labeled you the black sheep. And John Stossel is somethin' else.