Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My first born son turned 5 years old yesterday. Our theme was everything
'Rokrok', which means frog in Tok Pisin. Rokrok cake, rokrok plates, rokrok was a Rokrokin' day. It goes without saying that we wish our
family could be with us to celebrate. We have some amazing 'stand-ins', our
centre staff who made William's party a success. William said to me, "This
day went by FAST". I couldn't agree more with him. Time flies when you're
having fun. When I tucked him into bed he told me with sadness in his voice,
"Mom, you don't have to call me birthday boy anymore." And then he changed
his mind and said, "You can still call me birthday boy, but tomorrow you can
just call me William again."

1)"William is 5", says the Rokrok
2)William, Snax Beef, and Brendon partying it up.
3)Sparklers are way too much fun...even for grown ups.
4)A very serious birthday boy opening his Lego Firestation. He was VERY
serious about it.
5+6)Leapfrog is most fun.
7)'What's the time Mr. Rokrok?'is fun too.


Heather said...

Who are those boys?? I can't believe how big they are. Happy Birthday William!!!!!!

Jeff and Melissa said...

happy day birthday buddy!
love you guys.