Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you might hear...

Our English might sound a bit funny to you when we see you next so I thought
I'd give you all a heads up. We've been Pidginized. Here are some words you
may or may not hear Bill and Snax Beef say (we do on a daily basis):

1. kakaruk - chicken
2. balus - airplane
3. bagarap - broken, ruined
4. rubbish - garbage
5. kros - upset, angry
6. pipia - litter, garbage
7. bikpela - big
8. oloman! - oh man!, wow!
9. plenti tumas - way too much
10. pekpek - poop
11. rait man! - good man!, way to go!
12. salwara - ocean
13. abus - meat, animal
14. nogut tru - literal translation, no good true - equivalent in English
would be 'a whole lot', or 'an awful lot'
15. pastaim - first
16. lukim yu bihain - see you later
17. kisim kol win - catch the cool breeze
18. kaikai - food, verb to eat
19. pulap - full


Heather said...

thanks for the cheat sheat. I'll start teaching Ari & Noah some words for them to communicate and make you feel right at home...

Joyce said...

Those words sound familiar, especially 3 and 17. we would sit in the front yard many afternoons and enjoy the cool breeze off the ocean. great times!! Love You.