Thursday, April 01, 2010

a day at Rempi

We took a much needed day of R&R today with our good friends Paul and Heidi.
Rempi is a village outside of Madang town that has some incredible
snorkeling. There is a rustic bush house right on the water for missionary
families to use, so we took advantage of it. We had a great time swimming,
snorkeling, eating, and squishing SEA CUCUMBERS!!! Those are those black,
icky looking things that Snax and Bill are playing with. We even had a
little visit from the village pet - a noisy, colorful bird that had a little
too much personality. All in all it was an awesome, memorable day. We'll
definitely miss those Hursts!


mmloewen said...

Love these pics.

Hannah said...

Bill and Jester's faces in that first pic make me smile from ear to ear! Pure delite. Can't wait to see you all in person!! Gonna give you a big squeeze!