Thursday, July 29, 2010

exhaust piiiipes

Along with bees there is a fascination with exhaust pipes. I couldn't
count on both hands how many times I hear the words 'exhaust pipes' in
one day. I went from thinking it was funny, to being slightly annoyed,
back to thinking it's funny. Heck, I've even joined in. We drive
around Wink-town in search of a 'two-er' or if you're lucky, a
'four-er'. You see, Bill and Snax actually think the more exhaust pipes
a vehicle has the faster it goes. Unfortunately my car is a 'one-er'.
The other day Snax consoled me, "But it's okay, Mom. You're car is
still pretty fast." I've posed this question to them, "We've seen cars
with one exhaust pipe, two exhaust pipes, or four exhaust pipes. Why
don't they ever have three exhaust pipes?" We don't know why, but we've
excepted that. And Snax posed this question to me: "how fast would a
car go if it had 183 exhaust pipes?" I told him it'd be able to shoot
to the moon with that many exhaust pipes. He was pleased with that
answer. When and if we ever shop for a new vehicle one of my criteria
will definitely be that it needs to at least be a 'two-er'.


Anonymous said...

lisa!! this is too funny! as i was reading this i literally said out loud, "did i write this post?" because nate has as identical fascination except he calls them "dual-ies" and "double-dualies". :)

mmloewen said...

Cctually, this comes from Mario Kart video game. The boys must drive karts with 4 exhaust pipes. Papa

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The Stiffs said...

Send Bill and Snax here:

They will be blown away.

Teve & Stiffany