Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bill's Best Bud

Bill insisted that I make a post about his best friend "Big J". Bill and Big J have an open and honest relationship. Big J often talks to Bill about his diet. He encourages Bill to cut back and to eat more vegetables. Often, Big J is the only one that can get through to Bill. Bill encourages Big J to just muster up the courage and take those first few steps. 'It's not so bad', Bill tells him.

The real reason Bill wanted me to do a post on Big J was so we could give a big shout out to him! Here it goes.....HURRAY FOR BIG J - HERE IS A BIG SHOUT FOR YOU. Big J finally took the plunge and took those first steps. Bill knew you could do it. He believed in you more than anyone else. Bill is looking forward to ripping around the park and having his best friend right beside him.

Here is a nice shot of Bill and "J" showing a little affection. Can't you just feel the love?


Nell said...

Big "J" is having 2 naps today; resting up for his 1st park competition on Friday. Look out Bill. "J" has been watching your moves for a long time now and he knows your weak spots. Don't even bother trying to get away with your new yellow car because "J" is fast now. Whatever happens, "J" asked me to tell Bill that he'll still watch Baby Einstein movies with him on the couch; at least 'til he's kicked the "smoking" habit.

Chris & Crystal said...

Glad to hear Bill's got some peer support to kick his poor eating habits. Keep it up, Bill. Maybe you and Big J can start doing a little mall walking.