Friday, May 26, 2006

Left Behind

Crystal, We've been trying to get ahold of you since you left. You left one of your bags behind. Chris was just cringing while he unpacked the bag. Your bridesmaid shoes.....then your toothbrush....then your contact solution.....And then.....out popped Bill. Man was he pissed. He wanted to go to Florida more than anything and then you just HAD to forget the bag that he was packed in. Let's just say you better bring back a rockin' souvenier for him. Maybe then he'll forgive you.


Cheryl & Ryan said...

Oh my, Lisa that is too funny. Well Bill, maybe she will take you to Russia instead.

Chris & Crystal said...

Bill, it's good you didn't come. The UV rays were outta control and it wouldn't have been good for your complexion. Plus, I ate more white flour than your chubby legs could've handled. I might have to start on the "purple grape" diet once I get back.

The Stiffs said...

Gotta love this pic!!! I just sat here laughing and laughing when i saw it. Hope my kids are that cute.