Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Green Glitter Gone Wrong (along with a few other things)

Bill thought it'd be a great idea to make a little 'homecoming craft' for nana and papa. The only craft I could think of were egg carton caterpillars. 'Sweet,' Bill said, "Let's get started.'

So I got out all the supplies. Bill's creative juices were flowing. Put some glue, glitter, pipe cleaners and googly eyes in Bill's hands and look out. ' Genius!' Bill shouted as he tossed some glitter on top of the glue. Then he proceeded to put eyes on the caterpillar's back. ' It's scriptural,' he said. 'Like the creatures around the throne.' Wow, that's pretty deep Bill. Jester wanted to see what all the commotion was. Before I knew it Bill and Jester were VERY into the glitter. 'You can't have a caterpillar without glitter,' said Bill. Sheesh, i had no idea Bill was such an expert. I learned the hard way. Glitter is hard to clean up. Really hard. You see, it seems to attach itself to everything through static electricity. Bill and Jester loved all the glitter. 'It livens up the decor a little,' said Jester. 'Yeah, whatever Jester,' I replied, not really seeing the bright side.

The next day Bill and I loaded up the caterpillars. We were off to the airport to pick up my 'rents. The whole ride there Bill couldn't stop talking about the caterpillars. He was a little nervous....hoping nana and papa would love the caterpillars. I think artists can be a little insecure about their creations...especially when they're just starting out. 'Bill, they will,' I assured him, 'Just keep them in the bag. We don't want to liven up the decor in Papa's truck.'

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time. Bill and I were waiting in the observation deck anticipating the 'rents arrival. Suddenly I hear my name being paged over the intercom. 'What's up with that?' Bill asked. I contacted the info desk - it was a message to call home. I was worried. 'Oh, it's probably just Jester checking in on us,' Bill suggested. Oh Bill. The cup is always half full, isn't it? I call home. Bad news. Nana and Papa missed their flight. Something about them sitting in the wrong gate........honest mistake. Happens to everyone.

I broke the news to Bill. 'What are we going to do now? It's going to be 6 hours before they get in now,' I asked Bill. Bill is always one to think quick on his feet. 'Just let me eat grapes. I do some of my best thinking while I eat grapes,' Bill said. So he ates some grapes and then said, 'we should call Karla. I think of her as a refuge in the storm. She'll help us out.' Well, it was worth a shot. We didn't have any other good options. I found her number in the phone book, deposited my last quarter and dialed her number. No answer. 'Let's just take a chance and drive over there,' said Bill, keeping his cool.

So off we went...to the other end of the city not knowing if Karla and Co would be there or not. We pull up onto her driveway and behold! There she was. What a beautiful sight. 'And you were worried. Sheesh!' says Bill from the backseat. Once we got settled in I realized why this was such a 'refuge in the storm'. Bill was surrounded by ladies. 4 cute ones at that. Bill really hit it off with one in particular. She wouldn't stop squeezing his legs. He loved it....i could see it on his face. Oh Bill, it's always about the ladies with you......especially the older ones. sheesh.

Not only did we have good company (VERY good company according to Bill), we also had some great eats. Perogies, farmer sausage, salad, and Bill's favorite - strawberries....not to mention some moist carrot cake. Things couldn't have turned out better for us.

Oh yeah, and my 'rents made it home eventually. They loved Bill's caterpillars. Papa even caught on to the 'scriptural eyes' without any prompting. Sweet, eh Bill?

So here's a big shout out to the Penner's from me and Bill! THANKS A BUNCH!


DavenHeather said...

the penners really are a refuge in a storm aren't they bill.. love the glitter hope you can teach my boys a thing or two about being artsy.

Chris & Crystal said...

Bill, you're a fountain of wisdom. Next time I need to make the four living creatures around the throne or the wheel within a wheel out of craft material, I'm calling you, dude.