Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jester's 1st Annual 'Birthday Bash'

Jester's first annual 'Birthday Bash' is approaching quickly. Let's just say he's a little stressed right now. He wants it to be a perfect party....he said it's the 'first annual' so it better be good otherwise people won't come to the 'second annual'. Typically Jester is a fairly laid back individual, but ever since this party planning has been going on, well, he's just a little difficult to be around. I told him he just needs to relax. No, Hez isn't going to care what color the balloons are or if you have the perfect 'theme'. Hez and all his other pals just want to hang out with him....celebrate the day. 'What about a Curious George theme?' I asked him. 'Na, George is just too.....curious,' said Jester. 'Okay, what about Bob the Builder or Lightning McQueen?,' I suggested. 'Na, that's way too......'Billish',' He replied. And never mind picking a theme....the food, the food, the food. Talk about high stress. 'Did you see the food at Zaiah's first annual? Like, wow. Talk about a tough act to follow,' Jester said to me. Okay, now I was starting to feel unneccesary pressure. I suggested that we just serve his favorite is his birthday. Well, he'd think about it, he informed me. Then he went off to make some party checklists or something.

Bill and I were talking about the whole party thing last night after Jester went to bed. 'Watching Jester makes me so glad I haven't had to worry about party planning yet....i mean, i haven't even had a birthday at home yet.' said Bill. 'Yeah, that's a good way to look at it,' I said, 'We just need to be patient with Jester. If it's a big deal to him, it's a big deal to us...I mean, after all, we are family, right Bill?' 'Yeah, you're right,' Bill sighed, 'between you and me, i can't wait until July 8th is over.' 'Oh, Bill.' I said, 'it'll be okay.' Here I was, trying to console Bill, but really I was consoling myself.....this might be a long week.


Crystal said...

Jester, take it easy, buddy. If you shoot too high on the first annual, where are you gonna go after that? Your tenth annual will have to involve a fire-spitting clown and three 'crazy' donkeys. Sheesh.

Lisa said...

that's EXACTLY what I told him.