Saturday, July 05, 2008

we're baaaad - we're REEEAL bad.

a little background....this beautiful picture was my Omie's and ever since she died me and my bro have been fighting over it. Petty theft has been involved. There would be an empty nail left were it was hanging in my home after Chris came to visit...and yes, I stole it back a few times. And now me and Drew have pulled off the biggest heist ever. If you want it, come and get it! mwa haha hahaha!!!

We've decided to start up a picasa web album so you can share in our adventures. Please check it out! I've been posting albums on facebook, but I think this is better!


DavenHeather said...

that is freak'n fantastic.. you guys are awesome!

Crystal said...

No comment.

Karla said...

Slick Lisa, very slick.
Jester looks like he's rubbing it in to Uncle Chris real good in that picture. You go V-bergs!