Sunday, August 24, 2008

so long Ukarumpa....for now.

This could be my last posting in a while. We're heading off to 'jungle camp' tomorrow morning. Internet access is slow in Madang, so posting may not be an option. We'll have to see.

I have mixed feelings about leaving for Madang. It's amazing how quickly you put down roots...especially when you have a family. Although the roots we have here are still shallow they're roots nonetheless.

My greatest fears of jungle camp:
1. living in close quarters with 50 adults and 30 children.
2. the weekly attempt at swimming 1 mile in the ocean.
3. having a break down in front of strangers.

My greatest anticipation:
1. learning tok pidgin fluently
2. living in a village for 5 weeks all on our own
3. a 3 day hike without the boys
4. chillaxin on the beach

But I do know that the Lord promises to be with me wherever I am. He will sustain our family. Daily I think of the promises he spoke to us through our church family...many encouraging words and prophecies. He will see us through it. We're trying to see it as a big adventure...another unique experience. Drew and I have been many places around the world and been through many tough trips with the boys so we're happy to have that experience under our belts. So here's to a good attitude and a positive 'jungle camp' experience. God be with us.

This picture was taken at our church picnic. Our last time with our church family before leaving for png was filled with much love and many prayers.


Melissa said...

we love you sooo much!!!!!

Jana said...

Thinking of you today. Hope you and your family are well there in jungle camp. I'm saying a prayer that His presence is so close you can almost hear the angel wings.

Do you know this Loewen in Manitoba? I guess there is probably a lot of 'em up there. :) Anyway, it's what made my thoughts turn to you today.