Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eat Your Words

Here are a few things we said would NEVER happen and now we're eating our words.
1. I now put sugar in my coffee. I was set against this. PNG is rubbing off on me....they love hot, sweet drinks....and so do I. I'm eating my words.
2. Andrew drinks caffeinated coffee. He used to adamently be against any form of caffeine and now he "kinda likes the 'pick-me-up". He's eating his words. (and I remind him daily, but drinking coffee together is wonderful)
3. Andrew said he thought Lost was silly. Why would anyone watch it?! Now we can't wait to rent the next DVD. Yup, he's eating his words.
4. I said that Bill would wear pull-ups the rest of his life for bedtime. He has now gone 3 weeks with staying dry and is wearing big boy gitchies for night. I'm eating my words....and I'm happy to do it.
5. I said that I'd never miss a Winkler parade or a Christmas with snow. Unfortunately I'm eating my words. I mean, those motor homes ROCK every year.
If you've ever 'eaten your words' you should make a post about it. Let's hear it! I eat my words so much I'm putting on a few pounds.


Crystal said...

Have to say, we both felt a little smug when we found out you two loved LOST - especially Andrew. And Chris is currently snickering at Andrew's love for coffee. Tee hee hee.

DavenHeather said...

What a great idea. And yes we too are chuckling a little at the idea of andrew drinking coffee..

Karla said...

I can't think of any of my words to eat right now because I'm stuck thinking of Bill's white bum in his big boy gitchies.