Monday, December 22, 2008

A PNG Christmas

The holiday season always gives me a hankering for crocodile meat. We had some delicious crocodile stirfry the other night. It tastes like......chicken.

Mama Opa's son found us this Christmas bush - I mean tree. We actually have Christmas lights that have 7 different settings. My favorite is the 'romantic setting'.....the lights gradually fade on and off. It's pretty sweet. Bill's fave is the 'vegas setting'.

Our tree is definitely unique this year - as will be our Christmas. It will be my first Christmas away from family and away from snow. It's like having a clean slate. What will be our new tradition? Not sure yet.....I've got one more day to think about it.


mmloewen said...

Crocodile? Not sure I could swallow that. Your tree is very cute!!
This will certainly be a memorable one. Hoping the boys will never forget it..

mmloewen said...

William, what does the "vegas setting" do?

Anonymous said...

The tree is adorable!! I'm guessing the 'Vegas' setting is pretty flashy and sexy! Lets see a jig, William! :) Merry Christmas, guys! Enjoy that crocodile and make sure Arlene has a taste! I'm sure she'll try the famous excuse of "oh, I don't like that, I'v tried it, really I have, and I really don't like it." She can't use that one this time!

Karla said...

Hi Lisa and the rest of you v-bergs... Let me tell you a secret that no one else can know about... at the Loewen gathering on Sunday everyone (including me) was oohing and ahing over Crystal's dessert cheeseball and her homemade graham crackers - but they really weren't very good- not good at all. All I kept thinking about was what you would have brought if you had been there. We sure missed you. Lots of love to you! I'm so glad Arlene is able to be with you.

Jenelle Suderman said...

Merry Christmas Lisa!!