Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nana & papa

My mom and dad are here with us for the next 4 weeks. Are we excited? YES! Are we happy? YES! Are we being spoiled? YES!!

Nana is the apple of Jesse's eye and Nana is officially my replacement. My current status is chopped liver (but I don't mind....also keep in mind I don't have an unending stash of fun fruits to give him). William is busy being the tour guide. He is a walking encyclopedia, knows all the short cuts around town, and gives commentary to every movie we watch together. In Tok Pisin we say, "William, em i mauswara pikinini," (William is a 'mouth water' kid - which is he talks LOTS).

It's so fun to have Nana & Papa here....2 new faces to show of the latest Lego creation or the latest 'bug of the day'. I know the time will go by way too fast. Hopefully when Nana leaves my status will go up from chopped liver.

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