Monday, March 30, 2009

we're in Madang!

I'm enjoying every single second of our holiday in Madang. What a rare treat! I love ordering off a menu. I'm loving my time off from the kitchen. The boys are enjoying time with Nana & Papa, and also with their PNG Mama and Papa. We visited Sarang once again. It always feels like home to me when I go back. Nana & Papa were welcomed with open arms and with a big PNG feast. Then our wasfamili joined us for a day at the resort. They had a blast swimming in the pool and we enjoyed a poolside lunch together. The boys have really warmed up to Mama & Papa and their children. Jesse especially likes Papa Thomas and even cried when he left! (What will it be like when Papa Marv leaves?! Yikes!!!) It was a very memorable day.

Last night Drew and I went on an real date to a real restaurant - something we don't get to do when we're in Ukarumpa. We found a great place and had a quiet dinner overlooking the ocean. We realized this could very easily be our one an only date in 2 1/2 years. We'll have more date nights back in Ukarumpa, but not going to a fancy restaurant - that's for sure!

Our time is nearly over in Madang. It's gone by way too fast! We'll be heading back to Ukarumpa tomorrow on that bumpy, long road.

p.s. Mom and Dad: We're at a loss for words for how to thank you for this! It's been the trip of a lifetime! Thanks a million times over.

*I'll post pictures when we get back to Uka....the internet is way too slow here!*


Karla said...

Your png mama has the best 'fro in the world. I like touching Dave Difrancesco's hair, but I'd like to touch hers even more.

You deserve to enjoy every second. You deserve some weight off your shoulders and some tlc. Savour the moments and let them get to the core of you.

I love seeing the boys gigantic smiles with your dad.

Love you!

corina said...

looks beautiful lisa!! i'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying your holiday. say hi to m&m for me.
love from winterpeg,
p.s. yes we still have snow...why won't it stop snowing???