Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hauswin project

Our Sarang boys came last week to build a hauswin for the centre. I was
absolutely amazed at how they build everything out of materials they find
from the jungle. Everything has a specific purpose. Drew and I were
lamenting that we could never build a beautiful hauswin like this in Canada.
Nogat ol samting long wokim wanpela hauswin. Last week I was busy feeding
these guys. I still can't believe how much a PNG man can eat. I would heap
their plates full and they'd finish that plus they'd eat anything that was
left in the pot. Thankfully Mama came for two days to help me!

Breakfast: coffee, package of crackers
Lunch: buns, coffee, hard boiled eggs, fruit
Supper: rice, chicken or fish, kaukau or cooking bananas, coffee

Our Papa was the bosman for the project and unfortunately he was short on
kunai grass for the roof. The guys would've finished the hauswin on
Saturday, but they ran out of materials. So they'll be back next week to
finish once we get a hold of some more kunai grass. Turns out our night
guard Max was given the task of getting some for us. His village was
willing to get some for us and they were willing to work for rice. We
bought them a 10kg bag of rice and some tin fish. I couldn't help but think
you'd be hard up to find kids in North America to work for rice. It's
really a different world here!

Picture 1: Garfield getting kunai grass ready to put on the roof - he's
using a bush knife to knock out all the loose grass.
Picture 2: Papa handing up the 'rafters'
Picture 3: Snax Beef eating Snax Beef
Picture 4: Barnabus laying down kunai grass

Once the hauswin is completed I'll make sure to post a picture!


mmloewen said...

All I can say is "WOW". Simply amazing how from grass and trees you can make something so cool.

Crystal said...

Snax Beef is gettin' HUUUUUGE!

The Stiffs said...

Your mom and I were talking, she said Snax Beef was surpirsingly good!, and we were wondering how long your hair is, and then it dawned on me that we see lots of pics of your cute boys, but none of your pretty face. I miss you!