Tuesday, October 27, 2009

snax beef tastes like......

Karla, thanks for bringing up that very good question. I'm sure you're not
the only one wondering about Snax Beef.

What does Snax Beef taste like? It's a hearty cracker with a whole lot of
crunch, delicately seasoned with beef flavored salt. There are four
generous crackers in one package. I can hook you up if you want.

Snax Beef slogan: Gutpela bisket, liklik prais
(good cracker, small price)


Joyce said...

Jesse, Save grandma some snax beef, See you soon.

Karla said...

Thank you Lisa - for satisfying my curiosity. I've been laying awake nights mulling this very question over and over in mind, "what DO snax beef taste like exactly?" and now I know. Case closed.