Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a Tooth Fairy!

Bill lost his first tooth in the car yesterday. It was a milestone
moment. As we were driving along Bill cried out, "My tooth came
out!!". I was at the wheel and started screaming hysterically. I
surprised myself with my reaction. I didn't realize what a big moment
this would be! Immediately Snax beef starting wallowing in self pity
because he wanted his teeth to fall out too. I'm not sure I've ever
seen him so jealous. It's funny to hear someone say they wish their
teeth would fall out. But his jealously did not rain on our joyous
parade. Me n' Bill partied it up in the car like it was 1999.

Bill immediately took on a more mature look. For reals. I can't
believe how much he changed. And now that he lost his first tooth I
immediately assume the role as Tooth Fairy. I wasn't prepared for the
pressures of this job. Immediately my biggest fear was forgetting to
take the tooth from under the pillow and planting the money. There is
no room for error. And what if I couldn't quite reach the tooth from
under the pillow without waking Bill? And what if I couldn't find the
tooth?! And how much does a first tooth go for these days? After all,
no one likes a stingy Tooth Fairy.

After an evening of paranoia and worry I made a successful transfer. I
quietly tiptoed into Bill's room once I was certain he was asleep and
gently slipped my hand under his pillow to find the tooth. Once I had
the tooth in my grasp and gently slipped it out and planted a stack of
quarters in it's place. This Tooth Fairy and her husband did not have a
single loonie or toonie on hand and I'm ashamed to tell you that this
Tooth Fairy had to search every nook and cranny in her car to find
enough change for Bill. Is $1.50 too stingy? This morning I heard Bill
stirring and then I heard the tinkling of coins. He found the little
stash under his pillow. He told me excitedly that the Tooth Fairy left
him "five monies'. Phewf. I think he thinks he hit the jackpot. And
guess what. The one beside it is a little wiggly now. Maybe the second
time won't be so stressful.

And here's a little tip for all you parents out there. It worked on
Bill like a charm. I told him that the Tooth Fairy leaves more money
for clean, healthy teeth. If he doesn't take good care of his teeth
then the Tooth Fairy is sad and doesn't leave much coinage. Well, he
raced right to the bathroom and vigorously brushed his teeth after
that. Whatever works, right?


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My daughter Annie lost her first tooth a week ago. The tooth fairy scheme works to her too. The only difference with us is we said that tooth fairy gives toys to those children who clean their teeth. Children's dentists (Miami Florida) help us parents to educate our child about proper brushing and maintain healthy teeth. I find it nice that Miami Florida dentists know how to handle tantrums. Handling a child is not easy; I commend them for having such huge patience and understanding just for the children to convey their message.