Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bill! It's Dick Dick!

The inevitable has happened. I was looking at a picture of Dick Dick on the computer the other day and casually asked Bill, "who's that?". My heart sunk as he stared blankly at the screen. 'Dick Dick! That's Dick Dick!' I almost shouted. "Remain calm," i told myself, "maybe it's just the new hat Dick Dick is sporting. It's probably confused Bill". Just to be sure I've decided to make a series of flashcards for Bill. Pictures of Dick Dick, Danya, and Arlink wearing various styles of clothing...some pictures with hats, some without, some with sunglasses...well, you get the idea. Dick Dick, Danya, Arlink...Bill will not forget who you are if I have anything to do with it. Absence WILL make the heart grow fonder. We will deligently study those flashcards every night. If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

So I was writing in one of my last posts that Bill is the Butterfly waiting to emerge out of his cocoon. Well, by no means is he a butterfly yet, but nature is definitely running it's course with a little help from moi. I'm encouraging Bill to express his emotions. Often he keeps them all bottled up inside. While we were in Orlando visiting an organization that will remain annonymous (policies, people, policies!) Bill expressed himself beautifully when he opposed the idea of going inside. Progress, Bill. It's progress. The next step is to learn a little R E S P E C T. Yes Bill, even butterflies show respect.

Here is Bill showing his immense displeasure:


Chris & Crystal said...

It's great you're expressing your feelings, Bill. But now the hardest part is is to turn that negative emotion into positive energy. And please, don't forget about us, okay? We'll be home soon. Hold on!!!!!!

Kerry said...

that is an amazing picture!

Lisa & Drew said...

kerry, welcome to my blog. do you have a blog?