Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Extreme Makeover, Blog Edition

You have to admit my blog kicks some you know what. It looks pretty sweet. Drew is getting a little concerned however....i mean, i'm getting pretty good at this blogging thing. He even called me a blog 'expert'. I guess I am...did you see that i now have 'links'? And I have a pretty sweet template. Yeah, I'm just trying to keep up with my buddy Heather. She's the best blogging 'expert' i know. So enjoy the makeover! I sure am.


DavenHeather said...

lookin good. just like a pro! i love ya.

Chris & Crystal said...

Great new format. It's sheik, sophisticated, but with just enough "zing" to have you comin' back for more.

Cheryl said...

please do share. I have been trying to change my blog and add links, and well, I am blog stupid. Tell me your secret