Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who's Your Stylist?

I was talking to Bill last week about getting a know, a real haircut. I was ready for a change. My last hairstylist did a pretty butch job on my hair. The naked eye wouldn't have been able to see it, but I had to get my scissors out to do a few touch ups. That's the problem with having curly hair...often the stylist won't notice that she's done an uneven looks fine when your hair is curly but as soon as you straighten it. Look out, girlfriend. Nasty. Anyways, to get on with my conversation with Bill he said he LOVES his stylist, Grace. He's referred her to Hez, who also swears by her. She's had many years experience and she knows curly hair. I told Bill that him and Hez both had pretty stylin' cuts and I was willing to give Grace a shot.
Now, as I said earlier I was ready for a change so I asked Bill and Jester for some suggestions. I respect their sense of style and so I respect their opinions. Their suggestions got a little out of hand. I'm trying to stay hip and current, but for goodness sakes, boys! A Mohawk? I'll admit, they almost had me convinced. They kept chanting, 'Mohawk! Mohawk! Mohawk!'

This morning I still had no idea how I should cut my hair. Time was running out. I was beginning to wonder if the mohawk was for me. It was the only thing that I could come up with and my appointment with Grace was only 1 hour away. Then I thought about her...Crystal. Stylin', beautiful, Crystal. Instant inspiration! I wanted a sheek, sexy cut. A few bangs, a lot of layers. Bill, I have to agree with you. Grace knows curly hair. She is now my stylist as well. I'm sure you are all wondering - Jester and Bill were a little disappointed that I didn't go with the mohawk, but when I walked in the door after my cut Bill said, 'mommy, you're cute!'. So, here's the new me!


DavenHeather said...

OH MY GOODNESS.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! YOU ARE ONE HOT SEXY MOMMA.. bill and jester are two lucky boys.

Chris & Crystal said...

One word: Meow.

The Stiffs said...

Does it get any hotter than this? Seriously Lise, you're lookin' good!