Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fargs Extravaganza

My 'rents took the entire family to Fargo, ND for the weekend. Bill has not been this pumped for a long time. He was just all around pumped and for good reason....swimming, a ferris wheel, Nana and Papa, Ruby, C&C, and a mini fridge all at his disposal all weekend long.

Here's Papa and Jester at the pool. They're very excited about the waterslide. I just need to say it.....You guys look GREAT.

Bill and Jester had perma-smiles at the pool. This is them warming up their toes in the hot tub. When I was little I used it for something else........when I was little, okay?

See? The smiles don't end. Even Drew couldn't stop.

Here are the boys playing in "Agra Falls". I didn't have the heart to tell Bill it actually wasn't Niagra falls.... only a giant mushroom that doubled as a water fountain.

Jester and Bill loved chillin' out in the room. The juice was flowin'.....and rarely stopped.

Oh Ruby. A.k.a. Rubes, Rubster, Bunks, Bunker, Bunky, and Sweets. And check out her hot mom.

There he is in all his glory..... the Man. The man who made this weekend possible. On behalf of Bill, Jester, Drew and myself I'd like to sincerely thank him and his lovely wife for all they do for us. The weekend at the Ramada will forever be etched in our memories.

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