Saturday, April 12, 2008

War Wounds

Bill is the toughest guy on the block. As he tells it, he was carrying a 'wog that was a wittle bit too heavy and dropped it on his weg'. It must've dropped pretty hard cuz it left a nice 3 inch sliver (more like a small twig) stuck in his thigh. AJ tried to pull it out but it wouldn't come, so off we went to the E.R. in Julie's Ambulance (thanks for the lift, Jules).
Bill was not only tough, but also incredibly brave. The doctor tugged and tugged while Bill tried his best not to cry, but the pain was just too much. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and started shaking and crying. The sliver wasn't going to come out easily. The doctor decided to freeze it. She stuck a needle right into the wounded flesh......this is when I started to turn very pale.....then she cut the skin around the sliver so she could pull it out. When it came out we were face to face with a bloody 1 1/2 inch piece of wood that had been lodged into Bill's muscular thigh. Brave Bill said, 'it doesn't hurt anymore'.

Lesson learned. Today Bill was at the farm loading some more 'wogs' and told me, "I only pick up wogs that I can handle." Let's always remember that, okay Bill?

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kerry said...

so sad, but the parts where he isn't in pain: so cute.