Monday, May 12, 2008

last week in pictures.

This is Papa trying to follow one of Jester's complicated, never-ending stories. It's his newly discovered hidden talent. He has some pretty complicated story lines....anything from scary owls, to Farmer Mike, to getting stuck on a four wheeler, to Bill disappearing into the forest.....oh and I forgot to mention the baby duck that uses his soother.

The Twins came to visit us the other day. Jester was out doing an errand so Bill had them all to himself. They spent time catching up, snacking, and digging up worms.
Nana's buns are the BEST. Cinnamon buns that is...sheesh.Bill is starting to look very grown up, don't ya think? He looks a little like his Uncle Chris to me.
Jester visited Drew at the work site out in Friedensrue....or Friesen's Room as Bill calls it.

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