Thursday, May 22, 2008

We had a little holiday....

Our little family of 4 checked out of the M&M Hotel and checked into the M&M Motel for a few nights. You'd think that going from a hotel to a motel would be a down grade, but I assure you it wasn't. If you ever get the chance to stay at the M&M Motel count yourself lucky.

Here's a quick recap of our holiday:

Bill & Jester standing in front of a very official looking sign.

Goind for walks is a little more difficult in Riding prairie folk aren't used to the hills. Jester needed a lot of assistance. He's a true prairie boy.

We had ice cream several times. Tiger Tiger was an instant hit. It's all about the name and how fun it is to say....or growl in Bill's case. The taste leaves something to be desired. Black licorice and oranges? sheesh.

We rented this bike (which looks more like a car and my burning thighs would tell you it weighs as much as a car). Lucky for Bill and Jester their legs couldn't reach the pedals so me and Drew had to do all the peddling. A 30 minute rental is long enough. Drew and I are still sore.

We spent some time playing at the beach. Jester's whole look just screams nautical.

Clear Lake is extremely beautiful and extremely blue.

We saw some wildlife.

We crossed some boundries. When don't we?

We had the playground all to ourselves since most families don't take holidays in the middle of May. Us Vbergs? We don't do things by the book.

We stopped to smell the roses. Chillaxin' was my favorite part.

We took a little detour on the way home. Yup, we visited this emu. Jester had the clever idea to feed the emu one of it's own feathers. Strangely, the emu ate it.


DavenHeather said...

oh lisa looks like so much fun. great documentation of what looks like a good time. that bike is hard core.. i doubt even my legs would reach. see you tonight :)

Melissa said...

burning thighs... understatement!