Sunday, May 04, 2008

Team Ribbons Rocks

Team Ribbons rocked the house on Friday. We came from behind for a very convincing win. Team members consist of Lisa Vanden Berg and Chris Loewen. WE KICKED.

Here's a recap of the night:

These are my partner's very capable hands. You guessed it...he has ROCKIN' hand....and he knows how to play it.

Here is my partner looking very confident. No fear here. Nice shirt BTW.

Here's Chris holding the official score card. Notice what the other team named themselves. It just makes Team Ribbon's win even sweeter.

Their faces say it all. They lost and we won. Here's a shout out to Team Ribbons: "YOU ROCK THE HOUSE EVERY TIME!!!"

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I call a rematch just so we can kick their a$$ again! Luck is SO not involved in this game!