Monday, September 14, 2009

Endless Summer

We can't escape the heat, so we do what it takes to cool off.

My internal clock is waaaaay off. Is it really autumn at home? Send some
of that fall breeze my way. It sounds nice right about now. This morning at
9am the thermometre read 35 degrees celcius. Wowsa.

I think Bill might have inherited the 'wrong name complex' from me. I have
a fear of calling someone by the wrong name, so even if I know the person's
name (or I think I know it) I just won't say it. My strategy is to wait
until I hear someone else use the person's name and then I know for
sure...then I can proceed to use it. This works unless the person who uses
the person's name uses the wrong name (and this has happened to me before).
Then it's just one big mess. I'm all for name tags. Anyways, we had a new
night guard named Reuban and in PNG it's respectful to use 'Papa' or 'Mama'
for those older than you. So we told Bill to call him Papa Reuban. Later
that evening Bill comes into the house and started talking about 'Papa
Rhubarb'. Papa Rhubarb? Come on, Bill. He was redfaced when he realized
his mistake. So I shared my name stategy with Bill, but Bill was skeptical.
I mean, the person he'd be relying on the most to get names right is Jester
and we all know what a disaster that'd be. Bill and I decided that the only
solution indeed would be that everyone has to wear a name tag. It'd make
the world a better least for me and Bill.

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Karla said...

Laughing my ass off out loud!!