Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet Brendan.

Brendan is here for a visit! Brendan is our little village brother from
Sarang. He's on school holidays right now and he decided to spend some of
it with us. The boys love having an older brother around. He's got a heart
of gold, the biggest smile, and is an all around joy to have around.
Sometimes I wonder if he gets a little bored staying with us. Our life is
very different from the village life. But he always comes back, so he must
like it! Drew and I taught him how to play 'Blokus', so we've been doing
that in the evenings over a cup of Milo. The day Brendan arrived Jester was
beside himself. He gave Brendan the biggest hug and said, "you are my best
friend." Jesse asked me the other night if Brendan could stay forever. :)
That's not such a bad idea!

Photo 1 & 2: Taken on our trip to Nobnob this weekend - Photo #1: walking
to the top of the hill to see the view. Photo #2: See Madang town way down
there? That's where we live!

Photo 3,4,5&6 - W & J with their big brother Brendan....goofing around
like always.

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