Monday, December 14, 2009

Tribute to Caleb

Here's to good times and good memories! We'll miss you.

1)Teaching Jesse how to swim
2)Whiteskin way of getting a coconut down
3)Working on a sidewalk at the centre
4)Checking out the bathing spot in Sarang
5)Caleb and his musician friends from Sarang
6)WW2 crash site
7)Playing guitar at the church in Sarang
8)??? Styling Mama Opa's hair?
9)Mama Opa with her pikinini
10)Chillin' at Jais Aben resort
11)Snorkelin' nerds...I mean dudes.


Crystal said...

I felt really sorry for you after the "winter blues" post but not after this one. I could use a little bareback time in some hot sun ;)

mmloewen said...

Bathing spot (men's) I was there
wanted to jump in so bad PApa M