Friday, June 25, 2010

the best gift of all....

is that Drew's boys love to fish. For those of you who don't know Drew
he loves to fish, so I planned his Father's day around his favorite
activity. We went to the cabin with our friends, the Reynolds and
fished. We are forever grateful to Mr. Toews for being so generous with
his boat. Bill and Snax have never actually fished before so I wasn't
sure how it would go. Actually Bill had taken up fishing on Gramps'
itouch, but that's not a very accurate picture of fishing since every
time he cast his line out he caught something. We actually had to cheer
the kid up while we were on the boat. "Bill," I said, "this kind of
fishing is not like itouch fishing. Sometime you have to wait all day
to catch one thing." Suddenly I felt very old. When I was a kid we
didn't even have internet or ipods. Now I have to explain the
difference to Bill between virtual fishing and real life fishing. Once
Bill got his virtual world and real world straightened out in his brain
he had the best time and I think he even learned to appreciate the art
of patience in fishing. He landed the first jack fish about 5 minutes
into our first time out there. The next day Snax caught the biggest
fish of the weekend, which he actually had to throw back because it was
too big. And apparently the monster jack fish pooped in the boat, so
who needs that? He didn't even deserve to be eaten. Good riddance.
All in all I'd rate the weekend five stars out of five. The weather was
perfect as well as the company....and the food....and the
surroundings....and...well, it was just awesome.

picture descriptions:
#1 look at those beautiful red locks blowing in the wind
#2 E-coon and his cute mama.
#3 waiting patiently.....
#4 the first catch of the day. check out Bill's expression
#5 Proud daddy - check out HIS expression!
#6 Snax reals in a white fish that dad caught
#7 E-coon smoochies dad - happy Father's day!
#8 The Reynolds family
#9 Bill and Drew pose for a Father's day pic. That's not Snax in the's just some guy. Snax refused to be part of the picture
#10 Snax gets greedy
#11 E-coon is in heaven
#12 cuddle time with Curious George
#13 picnic by the lake

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