Sunday, June 27, 2010

taim bilong strawberries

This is a shameless plug for Van Hepp strawberries. I love their
strawberries. Sweet, juicy....almost as if they have love molecules
injected inside of them. U-pick is open so come and get 'em!

And the reason we were out pickin' was because we went to the farm to
celebrate Auntie Arlink's. She is the first adult I've ever met that
has trouble blowing out a candle. I thought it was adorable.

Pictures 1-4: pickin' and eatin'
Picture 5: Snax and G getting cozy
Picture 6: this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.
Picture 7: A plane! A plane!
Picture 8: That baby is well looked after (until G got a hold of it)
Picture 9: Arlink.....blowing out her candle....or at least trying.

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Lily Lang said...

A child is also a art.