Thursday, June 17, 2010

happy campers

We were brave and went camping for the first time with Bill and Snax
Beef on May long weekend. Together with the VanHepps we survived with
flying colors. After the tent was set up and the fire was going Bill
confided in me, "I'm a little bit nervous, but a little bit excited to
sleep in the tent because it's my first time." I assured him he'd do
just great. And he did. Our site wasn't flat like you'd expect to find
on the Canadian prairies. It was pretty darn hilly. Snax Beef kept
sliding down to the bottom of the tent in his sleep. I personally lost
sleep over this and kept pulling him back up to the top of the tent, but
eventually I just stopped caring and threw his sleeping bag over top of
him. And besides, he had his Jets toque to keep him warm.

picture descriptions:
#1 H trying to show off G's 'happy camper' shirt. G WAS a happy camper
#2 Spirit Sands - a desert in the middle of Manitoba. Bill asked the
question we all were wanting to ask, but didn't have the guts. "Isn't
it supposed to be hot in the desert?"
#3 Van Hepps fearlessly leading the way through the desert
#4 The Jets live on and keep us warm.
#5 We found a turtle!!
#6 The turtle
#7 Sweethearts - she loves him and he loves her
#8 The other VBs came out Sunday and we ended an awesome day with some
awesome ice cream.
#9 Chillaxin' on the drive home.

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Heather said...

lovely photos.. really gives you insight into camping.. so glad it was you and not me ;) lol.