Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sailor 'J'

Rainy day fun is all I can call it. Jester spotted the ol' sailor suit in Bill's closet. He begged me if he could try it on. Drew's first sailor suit. My, it's a dandy. Must be the equivalent to a girl trying on her mom's wedding dress or something....pretty special moment. I was a little concerned about Jester's self-esteem.....I mean, he's not exactly the trimmest guy around and what if I couldn't zip it up? "Aw, what the heck," I thought, "it's worth a shot. It's got a little stretch in it." So I helped Jester slip into it....well, actually I wouldn't exactly say he 'slipped' into it....more like squeezed and poured into it. But, we got it zipped up. Well, actually we only got it zipped up about half way. "Perfect fit!" I exclaimed, hoping he wouldn't notice. Jester insisted I get the camera and take a few pics. Bill totally egged him on...."Sexy, sexy, sexy!" he kept chanting. Jester totally ate it up. He tried doing a few model moves, but that darn suit was too tight. Here he is. Actually, he does look kinda sexy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right Drew?

p.s. Dad, we're waiting for those sailor hats.....hurry up before Sailor J outgrows his suit.
FYI - check out Bill's sailor suit photo shoot in our blog on 2005!


Marvin said...

Sail on Dude!

Chris & Crystal said...

All I can say is "Whoa!" I hate to say it, Bill, but I think Jester is a little hunkier than you in this suit. But don't worry, you still rock it out in your shades.